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Isla Magic- Coming Soon

Sergeant Lina LaSalle never thought deployment as an Army medic would force her to take the life of a nine-year-old suicide bomber during a convoy in Iraq. 

The Army declares Lina a hero, but as a healer, and a mother, she cannot reconcile her actions as heroism, and begins to drink.

Struggling with PTSD and navigating the challenges of raising a young boy with Tourette’s Syndrome, Lina decides to leave the Army and return home to seek refuge in Puerto Rico with her family.

When she arrives, she meets the handsome Eli Montgomery, a veteran from Charleston, SC.  He too served in Iraq, and he too lost a part of himself in the name of duty.

As Lina discovers the island’s magic she travels the road to redemption, healing from the sacrifice service members must make in the name of duty.

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